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About Our Services

As professional real estate agents and apartment locators, We Work For You and receive our compensation from the apartment communities. We can share a portion of that with you in the form of a rebate.

Apartment Rebate

  1. We can escort you to apartments from our recomendations.
  2. You can go on your own to the apartments listed on our website.
  3.  You can pick an apartment from the customized list we send you.
  4. Make sure you follow the directions below in order to be eligible for the rebate. Then let us know you filled out an application and that you listed MK as your referral source on the application so that we can process the rebate.
  5. Feel Free to call us anytime at (844) 655-8987 with any questions.

What You Need To Do

Each apartment community that you visit will ask you to fill out a Guest Card which will ask how you were referred to the community. Please remember to write MK Luxury Homes & Condos on the Guest Card. Also, when you fill out an Application Form, you will again be asked to identify how you were referred to the community. Please remember to write MK Luxury Homes on the Application Form as well. Please let me know when you fill out an Application Form or sign a lease. The apartments do not usually call me. The only way I know you have filled out an Application Form or signed a lease is if you call us at (844) 655-8987.

Filling Out Guest Cards

Guest Cards are used by apartment communities to record information about you (i.e. your name, date of visit, approximate moving date and how you were referred to the apartment). Each apartment community uses a slightly different Guest Card, however, the purpose is the same. Below is a sample of a typical Guest Card.

Please remember to write MK Luxury Homes & Condos on the Guest Card.

Filling Out Application Forms

Download Rental Application  

When you decide on a new apartment, you must fill out an Application Form. The Application Form is used to identify who will occupy the apartment, credit history and how you were referred to the apartment community.Most apartment communities use a standard Rental Application Form. Below is a sample of a standard Application Form.

 In the box titled Why You Rented Here, please remember to write MK Luxury Homes & Condos.

We Work For You

Personal Service

When it comes to finding a new apartment home, we work hard for you and are a very valuable resource. As leasing specialists, we can quickly match your specific lifestyle, budgetary and location preferences to a list of apartment communities. We offer a personalized service that saves you time and simplifies a task that might otherwise be stressful. Specialized Knowledge
We continually receive updated information on the apartment communities throughout the city. In addition, we have acquired a vast amount of special knowledge about apartment communities that will go a long way to help ensure your long-term satisfaction with your new apartment home.